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Lab Times




Picture of the issue / University mega-merger in France / Standard file format for neuroscience

data / Recently Awarded / Costs of Open Access in the UK / EMBO Installation Grant winners

announced / Peer review scam at

BioMed Central

/ German researchers discover that a plant

deceives its pollinator with the smell of fresh kill

___________________________________ 6-10


Observations of The Owl (52):

Dear Customers

_ ____________________________________ 11

Research letter from... Belgium:

The Armpit Doc will Smell you Now

_ _____________________ 12

Over the Line? (19):

A bit of a “Charlie”

___________________________________________ 13


Cover Story

Science is serious. But some research projects exhibit sparks of humour

___________________ 14

Author Contributions

Can ‘digital badges’ clarify who has done what for a scientific publication?

_ ________________ 18

Journal Club


A Pakistani family cannot sweat. What might be the underlying cause?

_ ____ 24


A Brazilian plant does meiosis the other way around

_ ___________________ 26


Signal frequency determines nuclear import efficiency

_ ______________ 28

Publication Statistics

Toxicology research in Europe

__________________________________________________ 30

What’s behind paper retractions? (26):

A Second Chance for Fraudsters?

_ _________________ 33



Belgian UCB bags Parkinson’s disease collaboration deal / Successful financing for 3D

simulation tool / World’s richest doctor blamed for “fraudulent activities”

_ _________________ 34

Airbrushed results at Asia’s leading contract research organisation?

_ _____________________ 35

Company Portrait

In search of polarity modulating compounds: Thelial Technologies (Lisbon, Portugal)

_ _________ 36

Conflicts of Interest in Science (II): Undermined Authorities

Do public institutions always act in citizens’ best interests? And what happens when

companies persuade scientists to bias regulatory agencies in favour of their interests?

_ _______ 39



Bench philosophy: Light-sheet microscopy

_ _______________________________________ 44

Tips and tricks of the trade: Unexpected DNA binding activity of RNase A

_ _________________ 46

Product survey:

1D gel electrophoresis systems

___________________________________ 47

New products

_____________________________________________________________ 53

Book reviews

The Fall of the House of Rascher. The bizarre life and death of an SS doctor.

By Siegfried Bär

____ 54

Human Identity and Identification.

By Rebecca Gowland and Tim Thompson

_ _______________ 55


Career strategies for young European scientists (LII)

Science and Society in Horizon 2020 and Beyond

_ _________________________________ 56


____________________________________________________________________ 61


________________________________________________________________ 62


Paul the Postdoc

_ __________________________________________________________ 06


__________________________________________________________________ 64

Laboratory Tales

___________________________________________________________ 67

Up until now, the role of individual authors

on a scientific publication has been unclear.

“Digital badges” are set to change that. Will

they work? (p. 18)

Sweat test at 32°C. The iodine-starch test

shows that the son of a Pakistani family is

unable to sweat. Niklas Dahl and Joakim Klar

found the responsible mutation (p. 24).

Conflicts of interest, in particular of commer-

cial nature, have undermined public regulato-

ry authorities,

Lab Times

author Jeremy Gar-

wood claims (p. 39).

Selective plane illumination microscopy

(SPIM) was outshined in the last years by

superresolution microscopy. Now the door to

superresolution SPIM has opened (p. 44).

Photo: Tobias Frygar

BioMed Central

Design team ,CC-BY 4.0

Photo: Klar

et al


J Clin Invest

, 124, 4773-80

Photo: Bildergala/Fotolia