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New Products


Protein Detection System

Name & Manufacturer:

SNAP i.d. 2.0 from

Merck Millipore


Traditional immunohistochemistry

(IHC) methods may be subject to process vari-

ability. The protein detection system addresses

these challenges by systemising the handling

of multiple slides. It decreases slide handling

time and enables parallel processing of up to

24 slides at once, reducing slide-to-slide pro-

cess variation without incurring the costs of au-

tomation. In addition, the system speeds wash

steps and allows antibodies to be recovered

and reused, saving researchers valuable time

and resources. The system produces robust

and consistent staining, without causing tissue

degradation or blotchy artifacts. It also offers

the flexibility for researchers to perform West-

ern blotting and IHC experiments in parallel, fa-

cilitating use of the system by multiple users at

once, and also makes it possible to simultane-

ously assess relative abundance of an antigen

(by Western blotting) and spatial distribution

(by immunohistochemistry).


The power of IHC lies in its capac-

ity to localise antigens within tissue samples,

thereby identifying the cell types and subcellu-

lar compartments in which antigens are located.

This is particularly important for heterogeneous

tissues (i.e., tissues made up of many different

cell types, such as the brain and tumors), for

which other antigen detection methods do not

reveal spatial information.

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Confocal microscope

Name & Manufacturer:

LSM 800 with­

Airyscan from Zeiss


The microscope system is con-

tinually monitoring and calibrating the scanner

position to guarantee a stable field of view and

New Products



Name & Manufacturer:

Biostat A from Sarto-

rius Stedim Biotech


The system’s control tower features

a complete array of measurement and control

functions like easy-load peristaltic pumps, an

aeration module, conveniently accessible probe

ports and supply connections. The aeration sys-

tem provides automatic flow control over the full

range of each gas used. The bioreactor is avail-

able with various single-walled borosilicate glass

culture vessels with maximum working volumes

of 1, 2 or 5 litres.


Thanks to the intuitive user inter-

face, operating the new bioreactor is ideal

for beginners because it prevents operating

errors and reduces training time to a minimum.

Optional operation with a tablet or smartphone

allows to monitor and control the system,

whether you’re on the go, in the lab, in the office

or even at home.

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Electronic Pipette

Name & Manufacturer:

Viaflo II from Integra



: The new 50 µl multichannel elec-

tronic pipette range combines ultra lightweight

design and operational comfort. GripTips snap

into place with minimal tip loading effort.


The new 50 µl models available

for single-, 8-, 12- and 16-channel VIAFLO II

pipettes, deliver optimised precision pipetting.

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equal pixel integration times over the whole

field of view. The linear scanning regime gives

a constant signal-to-noise level and uniform

exposure to the illuminating laser throughout

the scanned area, including manipulated re-

gions of interest. Gallium arsenide phosphide

photomultiplier tubes (GaAsP PMTs) display

high light collection efficiencies over a broad

spectral range. The gain in signal-to-noise ratio

(SNR) will increase productivity by achieving

faster scan speeds while preserving high image

quality. The optional Airyscan module delivers

1.7 times higher resolution and higher sensitiv-

ity than conventional confocal microscopes.


The LSM 800 is an affordable sys-

tem with a good price-performance ratio: robust

and easy to use, with a small footprint. Minimal

setup requirements, minimal maintenance, and

self-calibration paired with low overall energy

consumption make it an economical choice.

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Medium-Pressure Chromatography


Name & Manufacturer:

NGC Discover and

NGC Discover Pro from Bio-Rad Laboratories


The systems are available with a

10 ml/min pump module or with the NGC 100

ml/min pump module. They are able to load

multiple samples and run up to 15 columns se-

quentially. The Pro System can collect 12 large-

volume fractions via its outlet valve.


All NGC Systems feature the same

modular design with interchangeable plug-and-

play modules that allow researchers to scale

the system according to their throughput needs.

All systems can be operated in compliance with

21CFR Part 11 regulations.

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Protein Purification




Cell Culture