Labtimes 2017-05

Exponential chromatography /nexera-e The Nexera-e comprehensive LCxLC system specializes in the analysis of natural products and other complex mixtures with many differ- ent compounds and chemical classes. Nexera-e targets the food and chemical industries as well as polymer and pharmaceutical industries. The “e” implies exponentially better chroma- tography due to an exponential increase in peak capacity and resolution. Identification of multiple compounds in a single chromatogram through higher peak resolution and peak capacity Highest efficiency achieved with just one injection instead of multiple approaches Reliable analysis of targeted compounds provided by best-in-class LC/MS /MS and PDA detectors Connecting to LabSolutions software for method set-up Powerful ChromSquare software for data processing, evaluation and presen- tation Nexera-e provides a wider range of applications in any research field

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