Labtimes 2017-06

Lab Times 6-2017 page 3 Editorial Dear Readers... your hands, you are holding a very special issue. It’s not only our 72 nd issue since we launched the magazine in 2006; it’s also Lab Times ’ very last issue. Yep, you read that correctly. It’s the final issue of LT . As sad as it sounds but after twelve years and many exciting, informative and insightful encounters with the world of European science, unfortunately, we must discontinue both the magazine and the website. For many of you, this may come as a surprise. Although it has been fun to produce every single issue, it did come at a price – quite literal- ly. Determined to stick to our agen- da of providing life science news, free of charge, to researchers everywhere in Europe, at some point we reached our financial saturation limit. This is when we had to make this difficult decision. Looking back, we can certain- ly say that we have learnt a lot, seen many fascinating European science stories unfold and met numerous in- teresting people along the way. We hope this is also true for you, our dear readers. Perhaps one or the oth- er issue of Lab Times has helped you to bridge boring incubation times or inspired some new ideas for research projects or life science hacks. Our main aim has always been to keep European science in the spotlight: what worries scientists in Finland or Spain, for in- stance, what happens in Lithuanian labs, or which start-ups will be the next big thing in Sweden. And we strongly believe, we did our share to bring European scientists closer together. Before we, as Frankie sang, “face the final curtain”, we want to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to our many long- term freelance authors, who often, besides their own scientific work in labs around the world, enthusiastically invested their free time in a different kind of research – research for background or journal club articles in our magazine. Sincere thanks, thus, go to (in no particular order): Rose- marie Marchan, Steven Buckingham, Hedwig Ens, Irena Hreljac, Ivana Strazic Geljic, Kai Krämer, Madhuvanthi Kannan, Karin Lauschke, Karl Gruber, Latika Bhonsle, Alejandra Manjarrez, Paola Carrillo Bustamante, Ralf Schreck, Vincent O’Connor, Giuliana Deflorio, Orlando Arguello-Miranda, Alex Reis, Florian Fisch, Jeremy Garwood, Bettina Dupont, Karin Hollricher, Isabel Torres, Claudio Flores Martinez, Simon Zurga, Marybeth D’Amico, Michael van den Heuvel and Michal Barski. Plus, all au- thors, who have been with us for a short time only. And, not to forget our cartoonists, Peter Kapper and Rafael Florés, who made our magazine so much more colourful and hu- morous. Last but not least, Alison Blewitt and Ceri Fairclough, who placed their sharp eyes and mother tongues at our dispos- al to find all those typos, missing commas and amend one or the other awkward phrase. Just like in the scientific world, we profit- ed greatly from those collaborations with our freelancers across nations and even conti- nents. What united us was the aspiration for good scientific journalism, true to our motto: From scientists, for scientists. To make this final issue special, we in- vited former and current authors to write about a topic of their choice. For Rosemarie Marchan, sexual inequality is still a hot topic in science and most unlikely to disappear an- ytime soon. Thus, she spoke to three female professors – Susan Gasser from Switzerland, Monika Raulf from Germany and Marja Jäät- telä from Denmark – about their personal ex- periences. Ralf Schreck glances into the fu- ture and dissects the upcoming research framework programme, FP9. Ivana Strazic Geljic portraits current EMBO Gold Medal winner, Maya Schuldiner, from Israel and Is- abel Torres picked red wood ants. Do they or do they not nest along active tectonic faults and can they even predict earthquakes? Last but not least, the Lab Times editors and publishers extend our thanks to all you loyal readers for your continuous support throughout the years. We bid farewell in the hope that European science will continue to grow and prosper. By the way, the website will remain online (for now), with all back issues, should you have a nostalgic moment. Kai Herfort, Publisher Ralf Neumann, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Kathleen Gransalke, Managing Editor Harald Zähringer, Editor (Methods) Winfried Köppelle, Editor (Business & Book Reviews) Ulrich Sillmann (Art Director) Pixabay/Zorro4

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