Labtimes 2017-06

page 4 Lab Times 6-2017 Contents News A letter from the publisher ______________________________________________________ 6 Opinion Observations of The Owl: The Citation Trap __________________________________________ 8 Research letter from... France: Life’s Gutter Soup ____________________________________ 10 Over the Line? Bare Naked _ __________________________________________________ 11 Analysis Sexual Equality in the Life Sciences Three female professors speak about their personal experiences _________________________ 12 Strange Animal Behaviour Red wood ants are sensationally sensitive. Can they even sense earthquakes? _ _____________ 16 Scientists and Politics Stay silent or speak out? There are plenty of reasons for scientists to get political ____________ 20 Modern Prosthetics New research and new technologies improve the lives of amputees _ _____________________ 24 Upcoming Framework Programme A look into the future – What can scientists expect from FP9? _ _________________________ 28 Journal Club Manchester/UK Molecular machines make many molecules __________________________ 32 Mallorca/Spain Trace elements in your toenails reveal a lot about your lifestyle ____________ 34 Uppsala/Sweden What causes a disease – changes in the genome or the epigenome? _______ 36 Publication Statistics Protein research in Europe _ ___________________________________________________ 38 Biobusiness News Antibody-drug conjugates raise expectations / Novartis hot for nuclear medicine products / DBV Technologies’ experimental peanut vaccine fails in pivotal trial but there are options ______ 42 THC Derivates as Medical Alternative An Israeli cannabis pill promises to revolutionise release-controlled drug administration ________ 45 Enlightening Urban Landscapes A French start-up is exploring future light sources that are based on bioluminescence _ ________ 46 RNA Cancer Vaccines Germany’s Curevac is still grappling to prove the validity of their technology _________________ 48 Service Product Survey: Automated liquid handlers and dispensers ___________________________ 52 New products _____________________________________________________________ 51 Methods Method Special: Bioprinting _________________________________________________ 58 Bench philosophy: Chromosome Conformation Capture methods _ _______________________ 62 Book Reviews The Gene: An Intimate History. By Siddhartha Mukherjee _ _____________________________ 64 Careers Researcher Profiles: Maya Schuldiner is EMBO Gold Medalist and a first class mother _______ 65 Researcher Profiles: Luke O’Neill is immunologist and rock musician ___________________ 68 Europe’s Research Institutes: The Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie _________________ 41 Calendar _ ______________________________________________________________ 70 Humour Contact __________________________________________________________________ 73 Laboratory Tales _ __________________________________________________________ 75 Highly neglected in the past, prosthetics re- search has recently enjoyed renewed interest. From myoelectric devices to 3D printing, sci- entists improve amputees’ lives (p. 24). Calcium is present in milk, limestone, bone... and your toenails. Together with other trace elements, its amounts reveal a lot about your activity pattern, finds Josep A. Tur (p. 34). Despite prominent investors, such as Diet- mar Hopp and Bill Gates (photo), and strong pharmaceutical partners, Germany’s Curevac hasn’t delivered anything tangible, yet (p. 48). Bioprinters are entering the labs of life sci- ence researchers and medical scientists. But will they ever be versatile enough, to deliver a platform for making organs? (p. 58). WEF/Sebastian Derungs Matthias Zepper FDA WFI for Regenerative Medicine

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