Labtimes 2017-06

Lab Times 6-2017 page 51 Products and the CultureOne Supplement removes the challenges of culturing neurons and enables an improved downstream experience. More Information: Product: Spectrophotometers Name & Manufacturer: IRSpirit-T and IRSpirit-L from Shimadzu Technology: FTIR systems detect infrared light that is transmitted through or reflected from the sample, and then determine the wavelength components in that light by a Fourier trans- formation process. The IRPilot programme al- lows users to quickly start 23 different analysis workflows. The programme can be executed by simply selecting the purpose and tech- niques for analysis. The window plate can be replaced with a specialised window plate that protects the optics from high temperatures and humidity. Advantages: The installation footprint is 390 mm wide and 250 mm deep, and the main unit weighs only 8.5 kg. Despite their compact size, the instruments have a large sample compart- ment that can accommodate existing Shimadzu or third-party accessories. More Information: New Products Product: Microplate stacker Name & Manufacturer: Spark-Stack from Te- can Technology: The integrated microplate stacker provides walkaway processing of up to 50 assay plates per run. The module is designed to reli- ably automate plate loading, unloading and re- stacking for non-lidded SLAS-format microplates from six to 1,536 wells. Advantages: Ideal for assays requiring room temperature pre-incubation steps, the stacker is equipped with removable dark covers to pro- tect light-sensitive assays. Software updates to both SparkControl and SparkControl Magellan provide seamless operation of the Spark-Stack module, helping to streamline laboratory work- flows and allowing overnight running for greater productivity. More Information: Phone: +41 44 922 81 11 Product: Neuronal culture system Name & Manufacturer: Gibco B-27 Plus from Thermo Fisher Scientific Technology : The system includes both the 50X, 10 mL B-27 Plus Supplement and the 500 mL Neurobasal Plus Medium and can seamlessly replace previous neuronal cell culture systems. Advantages: For researchers, who are either maintaining primary rodent and human pluri- potent stem cell (PSC)-derived neurons or differ- entiating human PSC-derived neural stem cells to neurons, the combination of the Gibco B-27 Plus Supplement, the Neurobasal Plus Medium, Product: Integrated single cell analysis system Name & Manufacturer: Cyto-Mine from Sphere Fluidics Technology: The high-throughput instrument uses picodroplet technology to encapsulate a single cell in growth media and trap secreted molecules, such as antibodies, from the cell as it grows. Advantages: The system can deliver up to 10 million tests in a single day. More Information: systems/cyto-mine/ Product: Vacuum filtration system Name & Manufacturer: Stericup Quick Release from Merck Technology: The system combines a Steritop fil- ter unit with a re-designed Stericup receiver bot- tle, and is offered in sizes in the 150 to 1000mL volume range with multiple membrane materials and pore sizes. Advantages: The “Quick Release” filter funnel disconnects from the receiver bottle with just a quarter turn, reducing the likelihood of spillage and making it easier to manipulate on the bench or under the hood. More Information: Automation Spectrometry Sterile filtration Single cell analysis Cell culture

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