Labtimes 2017-06

page 70 Lab Times 6-2017 Conferences 2017 12/6 Berlin (DE) RegMed Forum 2017: Advanced Disease Models – From 3D Cell Culture and 3D Bioprinting towards Multi-Organ Chips , Info: regmedforum2017 12/6–12/7 Amsterdam (NL) Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Gene Therapy Congress , Info: https://lifesciences. 12/6–12/8 Cambridge (UK) Wellcome Trust Conference on Target Validation Using Genomics and Informatics , Info: https://coursesandconferences. Conferences.wt 12/7–12/8 Basel (CH) Helminth Infection: From Transmission to Control – Swiss TPH Winter Symposium , Info: events/winter-symposium-2017 12/7–12/8 Strasbourg (FR) Meeting on Glia and Microglia , Info: events-to-come/item/ 22-of-glia-and-microglia 12/11–12/13 Cambridge (UK) New Approaches for Investigating Nascent Peptide Folding , Info: tabid/379/MeetingNo/SA193/ view/Conference/Default.aspx 12/11–12/13 Edinburgh (UK) Protein Power: From Proteome to Phenotype – Role of Post- Translational Modifications , Info: from-proteome-to-phenotype 12/18–12/19 Paris (FR) Dendritic Cells: Trafficking and Regulation – Annual Meeting of the French Dendritic Cell Society (CFCD) , Info: / meeting/registration.php 2018 1/8–1/10 Nottingham (UK) Biochemical Basis of Respiratory Disease , Info: www.biochemistry. org/Events/tabid/379/ MeetingNo/SA197/view/ Conference/Default.aspx 1/22–1/23 London (UK) 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference , Info: / pharmaceuticals/uk/ pharmaceutical-microbiology 1/25–1/26 Bruges (BE) 3rd Conference on Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology , Info: https:// genome-engineering-and- synthetic-biology-3rd-edition 1/31–2/2 Cambridge (UK) Wellcome Trust Conference on Healthy Ageing: From Molecules to Organisms , Info: https://coursesandconferences. Conferences.wt 2/3–2/9 Lucca/Barga (IT) Gordon Research Seminar and Conference on Plant Volatiles , Info: aspx?id=15109 2/5–2/7 Bonn (DE) PRINTEGER European Conference on Research Integrity: Why Research Integrity Matters to You , Info: / about-the-conference 2/6–2/7 Cambridge (UK) Flow Chemistry Europe 2018 , Info: http://selectbiosciences. com/conferences/index. aspx?conf=FCE2018 2/7–2/9 Barcelona (ES) Viruses 2018 – Breakthroughs in Viral Replication , Info: conference/Viruses-2018 2/10–2/16 Lucca/Barga (IT) Gordon Research Seminar and Conference on Craniofacial Morphogenesis and Tissue Regeneration , Info: programs.aspx?id=13290 2/12–2/13 Lausanne (CH) Metabolism and Signaling in the Life Sciences – LS2 Annual Meeting 2018 , Info: 2/17–2/23 Lucca/Barga (IT) Gordon Research Seminar and Conference on Thalamocortical Interactions , Info: aspx?id=17258 2/22 London (UK) Basic to Translational: Current Concepts of Liver Immunology , Info: www. info?reset=1&id=509 2/22–2/24 Paris (FR) International Conference on Plant and Molecular Biology (PMB-2018) , Info: https://plant-conferences- 2/25–2/28 Haifa (IL) 14th European Conference on Fungal Genetics (ECFG14) , Info: 2/24–3/2 Lucca/Barga (IT) Gordon Research Seminar and Conference on Molecular and Ionic Clusters , Info: programs.aspx?id=15130 2/22–3/2 Bielefeld (DE) Beyond the Diffraction Limit – 2nd International Conference on Nanoscopy , Info: 2/28–3/2 Cambridge (UK) Wellcome Trust Conference on Proteomics in Cell Biology and Disease Mechanisms , Info: https://coursesandconferences. Conferences.wt 3/3–3/9 Lucca/Barga (IT) Gordon Research Seminar and Conference on Photosensory Receptors and Signal Transduction , Info: programs.aspx?id=14421 3/6–3/7 London (UK) World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress Europe 2017 , Info: conference/world-anti-microbial- resistance-congress-europe 3/6–3/8 Cambridge (UK) Wellcome Trust Conference on Single Cell Biology , Info: single-cell-biology 3/8–3/9 Halle/Saale (DE) 6th Halle Conference on Recombinant Proteins , Info: www.biochemtech.uni -halle. de/halle_conference 3/8–3/9 Leuven (BE) 2nd Conference on Applied Bioinformatics in Life Sciences , Info: 3/8–3/9 London (UK) 9th Molecular Immunology & Immunogenetics Congress , Info: https://molecularimmunology. 3/9–3/11 Mandelieu (FR) 4th International Conference on Hematologic Malignancies at Older Age: Biology and Therapy , Info: international-conference-on- hematological-malignancies-in- the-elderly-biology-and-therapy/ 3/10–3/16 Lucca/Barga (IT) Gordon Research Seminar and Conference on Lymphatics , Info: aspx?id=13269 3/11–3/14 Heidelberg (DE) EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Tissue Self-Organisation – Challenging the Systems , Info: www.embo-embl-symposia. org/symposia/2018/EES18-01 Calendar

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